The IWWF Europe Racing Council belongs to the Europe Confederation (EC) of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF). The powers and duties of the Council are:

1. to promote the specific sporting interest of its division, with due observance to the recommendations of the Admincom.

2. to draw up rules for events containing the words 'Europe', 'European', ‘EC’ or 'E&A' in their title and ensure that all orders and instructions necessary for the organisation and the running of those events are respected.

3. to draw up the practical and theoretical examinations of international judges and officials to conduct examinations and maintain a register of all those qualified.

4. to set the conditions to be observed for the establishment and the homologation of records.

5. to submit a list of judges and officials for EC or E&A Titled Events to the EC Bureau and for World titled events to the President of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation and the Chairman of the World Council concerned.

6. to decide the category of competitions and the conditions required for them to be accepted for the calendar.

7. to draw up Standings Lists of skiers in EC and E&A, by division, from results of homologated competitions.

8. to test and approve boats and equipment.

9. to appoint 3 members plus a substitute to represent EC on the relevant World Council. If the Council decides to put forward a person to World level that is not a member of the Council, then this person needs the approval of his Federation.

Elections for the Council will be held every two years, in the even numbered years, during the annual Congress of the Europe Confederation.

List of the IWWF Europe Racing Council members for 2018/2020. Click here to download.

MIKE WATERMAN (GBR)    President

  E&A Racing Council Chairman
  IWWF World Council Representative
  Admincom Representative
  E-mail: michael.waterman3@outlook.com

VERA VAN DEN BOSSCHE (BEL)    Secretary General

  E&A Racing Council – Secretary-General
  IWWF World Racing Council – Chairman
  IWWF Executive Board – Member
  E-mail: vera.vdbossche@skynet.be


  E&A Racing Council treasurer
  E-mail: franz.hebenstreit@aon.at


  E&A Racing Council member
  IWWF World Council Representative
  Technical and rules issues
  E-mail: julius.leysen@skynet.be


  E&A Racing Council member
  IWWF World Council Alternate
  Boat numbers and homologation
  E-mail: info@eurobetonboringen.nl


  E&A Racing Council member
  E-mail: richardhernaez@gmail.com

STEVE COX (GBR)    Member

  E&A Racing Council member
  E-mail: gbskicoach@gmail.com

CHRIS RYDL (BEL)    Athletes Representative

  E&A Racing Council athletes representative
  E-mail: c.rydl@skynet.be

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