Racing boat numbers are only attributed by the IWWF Europe Racing Council.

The Federations have the responsibility of the attribution, for the season, of the numbers allocated, by the Racing Council, for each of their skier boats.

As from 2009 a boat number tax of 5,- € per number will have to be paid each year. Owners who paid for the number will keep this, if not the number becomes available to others again.

For new boat numbers all Federations must contact Mrs. Thea Klarenbeek for approval:

Boats with incorrect numbers may not start in a race.

Click here to download the last version of the list of international boat numbers (February 2017).

For the World Championships, numbers will be allocated by the host nation on the following basis:

1. Team Captains will request use of numbers when submitting entries.

2. If there is a duplication of numbers preference will be given to a visiting nation.

3. If two visiting nations request the same number the number will be allocated to the nation whose request is received first.

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